Bilmetro Cup 2016-2017

Bilmetro Cup

Now it starts to contract and it's not long until we have a winner in the cup. You can still stand up in a tournament if you want to be involved in driving a really good, affordable and fun setup. Everyone who has participated in at least two competitions is invited to our closing banquet held Friday, 5 May. Further information about time and more will be posted shortly.

Do not forget that when the season has been summed up, only the nine best races count. Each driver must therefore choose his worst race! With this, there may be some redistribution in the table at the last race, which increases the tension.

After the 9 race, the 6 driver is very close to a final pallet spot score here.All drivers were loaded, happy and did really good work during the race. Winner of the evening's competition, Tommy Lingvall, 2nd Mohammad and Nissniss won third place.

We are looking forward to the next race at 18 / 4 at 19.00 and we hope for great support. Keep in mind that it's enough to have participated in at least two competitions to get an invitation to the free end-of-sale bank in May!

Below are some nice cards from the 6 competition. (Photographer Izabelle Rosborg)




Welcome to sign up for our unique

Indoor Gokart Cup starting in December!


  • Open competition - no license required
  • Ten contests - start 6 December
  • Prizes in each competition
  • Closing Banquet


Register today at

Everyone from 15 years and up can compete! Email name, age and phone number to
Starting fee 550 kronor per person. Paid on site before each tournament.
All competitions will be performed on Gokart Event Gävle's course. Deadline: Friday before each competition


Race Date:

Tis 6 Dec-2016 Registration 19: 00

Tis 20 Dec-2016 Registration 19: 00

Tis 10 Jan-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 24 Jan-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 7 Feb-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 28 Feb-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 7 March-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 21 March-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 4 April-2017 Registration 19: 00

Tis 18 April-2017 Registration 19: 00

Fre 5 May -2017 - 19: 00 Final ceremony food and party!



10 competitions according to date above. Prize ceremony for each tournament with fantastic prizes and cup-winning ceremony in conjunction with the season ending in May, where the cup winners are celebrated with exciting prizes during a festive evening of food and drink.

Read More About Rules & Structures Here

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