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Do your company want to compete for which company is the fastest in Gävle?
While you're having fun, you're in and drive money to the Childhood Cancer Fund.

Now you have the opportunity to register to Gokart Event Gävle's annual Company Cup starting in January 2018. We run 60 my Lemans a team competition with quick driver changes in the depot. It's not just about driving fast but also strategy and successful change at the right times. The teams with the most laps during all 8 competitions will be the choir of the fastest company in the year. The final competition is a Friday and ends with a prize ceremony with trophies to the top three. After that, all participants go up to our party hall where food and drinks are waiting to celebrate all the participants of the cup.
Every turn you run during the cup goes 5 kr / turn, you donate to
child cancer fund after finishing the cup.

This is included in the application:
8 Competitions
The layout of these is:
10 my heating
60 my Lemans race
3-4 People / Team / Map
Advertising sign and Roll-up with company log in Gokarthallen.
Exposure to website, Facebook and Instagram throughout the cup.
End of dinner incl. 1 Beer / wine and coffee. (4 Envelope included)
Note If you want more seats, they can be purchased if you contact us 1 week before. Price: 330 kr / person incl. VAT

Price 16 800 Kr / team / kart incl. VAT

Registration is made fö


(Note: The notification is binding)
Send your Name / Company, Address, Postal Address, Org No. as well as any marking you want on your invoice. Also attach is log in Eps format.
Once the payment is registered, the site is secured.
You agree that after completing the cup, donate the number of revolutions that the company has driven in total, times 5 kr to the childhood cancer fund. That amount pays you into their 90 account after the cup ends. Use one of the following options when you are over the sum of the childhood cancer fund. Mark your company name as well as GEG.
Plus Giro: 90 20 90-0, Bankgiro: 902-0900, Swish Number: 90 20 900

Read more about the childhood cancer fund Mellansverige

Join you as well and support the Childhood Cancer Foundation in Central Sweden. Every year, approximately 300 children in Sweden suffer from cancer.
The Childhood Cancer Foundation works to provide support, hope and joy for children with cancer and their families.
They are completely dependent on gifts and collections.

You can join the same or different drivers at the competitions, the company has 4 seats per race throughout the cup. Minimum number is 3 participant and at least three swaps during each contest.
All participants will be exposed with photo, company logo and results on our website, Instagram and Facebook.
Information, photos and winners in all competitions and the award ceremony will be displayed on Effect plus, as well as the other social media above.
The amount of each company entering the Children's Cancer Fund will also be published on our social media and featured on the Children's Cancer Foundation website. Even the total amount of all companies driven into and yards will be noted. Gokart Event Gävle will match the winning team's amount and donate the same amount to the children's cancer fund.
Medals to the top three teams in each tournament. Cup to the top three teams after the eighth tournament, with engraving of company names, cup names and years.




Download our brochure:foretagscup2018

Date of the 2018 competitions

9 / 1 Tuesday at 18: 00

23 / 1 Tuesday at 18: 00

6 / 2 Tuesday at 18: 00

20 / 2 Tuesday at 18: 00

6 / 3 Tuesday at 18: 00

20 / 3 Tuesday at 18: 00

3 / 4 Tuesday at 18: 00

20 / 4 Friday at 17: 00 (Exit)



Time indicates session time for registration and review