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We receive drop-in visits as time goes by.
During the weekends it may be difficult to find a gap in the drop-in time schedule.
We recommend calling and checking if there is time to drive during holidays.

Race License

Prices for those with racing licenses

  • Price per person: 135 kr / 7 minute heat
  • 3 pack: 375 kr
  • 10 pack: 1080 kr

Cheap Monday (Mondays 12-20)

• Drop-in 2 * 7 min
• 1 soda
• Price: 150 kr

Novelty! Family Package Go Kart
Now it is possible to buy a family package with 12 drop-in that is divided into family profiles. Price 1140: - / 12 drop-in (Only valid with racelicens and only family with parent and children between 9-15 years)

If you did not buy racing license

Price per person: 150 kr / 7 minute heat

Racing license costs 50: - / year
Renewal of cards before 25 expires: -

Advantages are always lower prices on Drop-in.

Our Race

Little Monaco

  • Participants: 6 people or more
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Qualification, 7 minutes
  • Heat 2: Final, 7 lap
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per person: 340 kr
  • Time: approx. 60 minutes
  • Physics: Easy


  • Participants: 6 people or more
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Heating, 7 min
  • Heat 2: Qualification 1, 7 min.
  • Heat 3: Qualification 2, 7 min.
  • Heat 4: Final, 12 lap
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per person: 640 kr
  • Time: approx. 100 minutes
  • Physics: Tough


  • Participants: 6 people or more
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Qualification, 8 minutes
  • Heat 2: Final, 12 lap
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per person: 440 kr
  • Time: approx. 60 minutes
  • Physics: Means


  • Participants: 6 people or more
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Heating, 7 minutes
  • Heat 2: Qualification, 15 minutes
  • Heat 3: Final, 15 lap
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per person: 680 kr
  • Time: approx. 90 minutes
  • Physics: Tough


  • Participants: 6 people or more
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Heating, 7 minutes
  • Heat 2: Qualification, 7 minutes
  • Heat 3: Final, 12 lap
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per person: 540 kr
  • Time: approx. 80 minutes
  • Physics: Medium

Le Mans Endurance

Team competition for larger groups where fast cessation is required. This race requires technology and tactics with bla. Change. You decide if you run 60 or 90minuters race. Minimum 6 cars must be booked.

  • Minimum 6 cars, approx. 18-48 people
  • Briefing
  • Heat 1: Heating, approx. 10 minutes
  • Heat 2: ENDURANCE 60 minutes or 90 min.
  • Award ceremony
  • Price per MAP: 1500 kr / MAP / 60 min. Price per MAP: 2200 kr / Map / 90 min.
  • Time: approx. 90-120 min
  • Physics: Tough


family Events

Book one of our races and challenge the family, children and adults.
Participants: 6 people or more.
Select any race above.

Or run a drop-in with your family.

booking Conditions

All our races must be pre-booked by phone or send a request to our e-mail. Not applicable Drop-in.
Cancellation and change of time must be done no later than one week (7 days) before booked time.
We will otherwise charge 50% of the booked amount. The number of booked persons is charged. Changes to numbers can be made at the latest 3 days before event.
In case of late arrival, your race may need to be shortened or completely lost.
Alcohol or drug users may not drive. Alcohol measurement can be done in the room. It's not ok to consume your own food and drink in our premises
Please bring your own helmet and other protective equipment. We also have loan helmets in place.
We only invoice for companies and municipalities following customary checks. Details must be provided before arrival date.We have 10 day billing and a billing fee on 55: -.
Card, Swish or cash for others.


You get all a review before you get in the maps about rules and what to consider while driving, here you can train and read before!
When you sit in the charts, you can adjust the seat position by moving the lever as you find on the left side of the seat fully backward. Then you unlock the chair and you can easily push forward or back the chair as desired. Feel comfortable so you reach the pedals easily without having to stretch too much on your legs.
Then you drive and need to think about flags that may come up during the heat of the heat.

Yellow flag:
Obstacles on the track! Slow down and drive slowly past the obstacle. After the obstacle, the yellow flag automatically expires. Total overriding ban is in yellow flag.

Red Flag:

Stay immediately and stay in the map.

Blue flag:

Lay aside and facilitate overrun for backwards faster drivers.

Black flag:

Disqualification! Drive into the depot and there we talk! Most likely you have violated any rule, possibly. yellow flag or you have driven oschysst.

checkered flag:

(black and white) drive around and into the depot. This lap after the goal flag, there is no timing on, but is for you to let the adrenaline run back!

Prevention and croaking on purpose is forbidden.

Overalls and Helmets are available to borrow.

We lend both Overalls and helmets.

We lend both Overalls and helmets.


Our maps


Caroli Hammerhead

Engine: Cc Honda 270
Effect: 9,5 hp
Top speed: 70km / h
Fuel: Alkylate Environmental Fuel
Weight: 130 kg

Age limit 13 years
length 135 cm
Childbirth is available for those under 15 years.

Our banana



Here you can see the track in 360.The web / depot


Sweden's longest indoor track. The course is very technical and fast. We have a modern electronic timing system. The hall has a new fan and ventilation system with sensors so it's always clean air.

Our staff are always on hand if you want tips on driving style and ideal trails.

Height: M 430

Width: 6 m

Basis:New asphalt

Top speed of the long haul:about 60 km / h

Design: G.Pasero