Combine enjoyment with pleasure - Conference activities

Imagine a whole day of meetings and talks where you can get a really fun leg stranger in the form of an activity during the break. An opportunity to just let go of all the needs, plans and company-related tasks for a fun filled game with a lot of laughs along with your colleagues.

At Gokart Event Gävle you can book the company's next conference, kickoff or event while combining the pleasure with pleasure. We will arrange everything according to your wishes so that your day will be as good as possible. We have understood the importance of combining important meetings with good activities. It is stimulating to both body and soul in a positive way. Being fun is just another advantage.

Being able to cancel with a much needed break and activating while having important meetings and conferences has proven to be appreciated. The fact that we can also offer our various indoor activities increases the chances of becoming a successful concept. Here you do not have to worry about bad weather and reorganization of the whole event without driving all year round.
We can offer activities to strengthen employees such as team competition / team building, but also individual arrangements for those who already have a strong relationship. You may want to challenge each other or simply simply activate your physical during your conference. We have great experience that companies choose us for team building when the demand for activities during or during the conference has increased.

It is known that the strength of a company lies in the interaction between colleagues, relations are good and relaxed, better results can be achieved within the company. Conference activities should be seen as a fundamental and recurring part of continuing to strengthen the relationships of the company.
Choosing a conference activity with activities that create a lot of laughter makes relationships between employees stronger. In this way, one gets a very relaxed environment where everyone is on the same level and the challenges look alike. Here you are not a boss, or the one with ten years of experience without everyone has the same conditions for the different branches.
Below are some of the reviews we received,

"Good staff, fun activity, very well arranged we were super pleased"

"Very good event, many choices and opportunities our day was so successful, thank you"

"Everyone in the company thought it was a fun happening with knowledgeable staff and good maps. Thanks for a nice moment at your "

"Really good and service minded staff, the place gets the strongest recommendations"

"Very nice, fun and hard; ) recommended. "

"Trekamp with go-carts incredibly fun, well organized and very nice and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended."

"Thanks for a fun and adrenaline day with you. Canon service and you're really professional and committed. "

These are the results we are passionate about to make you feel completely satisfied with your event with us.
Gokart Event Gävle offers in addition to nice motor-inspired meeting rooms and various activities including lunch and dinner. We have a nice menu with a lot to choose from, the food we take in from one of the best restaurants in town. We can promise that the quality is the highest level, with good ingredients and savory food. To all our food guests we can also offer our full-rights bar.

All our conference rooms are modern and have access to LAN / WiFi, projector, whiteboard, and blocks and pens. In the conference room James Dean, it accommodates 40 people and you can choose between board sitting, school seating or u-sitting. Our smaller conference room Classic Cars has a board and takes ten people. For larger groups, we have our party store for up to 149 people, optional furnishing is possible and projectors are available. At your conference you can also order food, breakfast and coffee.

We also offer only clean conference opportunities for groups who do not want to combine with activities. Our conferences are not disturbed by sounds from our other activities.
Do you have any other wishes than those we offer, we always try to get solutions. Our goal is that you as a customer will always be satisfied. As well as feeling that you do not have to spend so much of your time planning, we will take care of your wishes. For us, quality is more important than quantity, and it permeates our entire business. No request has been too large or too small for us.
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