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Gino Jenny Vladis

Gino Jenny Vladis

Gokart Event Gävle opened April 2015 and is a family company with almost 20 years of experience in the Gambling and Event industry.

Finally, we can offer our customers a fun and interesting experience center in a pleasant environment for fun and exciting activities within walking distance of Gävle center.


Here are some of our customers' opinions about us!

"Easy login, super track, nice map, fun place with super friendly staff! "

"Everything was top there is nothing to complain about"

"Amazingly nice facility. Good cars. Best course I've ever run on. "

"Really professional and professional staff and not least so bad fun with go-carts"

"Good course, Good staff, Well arranged, Thank you very much appreciated"

"Terribly good place with many choices and opportunities"

"Unbelievably professional staff and good to have everything in one place, conference, food, go-kart and five-match"

"Clean and fresh and super friendly staff, we will be back"

Thank you to all our customers who provide feedback to us at feedback@gokartgavle.se