Reservation Request / Conditions

All our races must be booked via booking form, phone or by sending a request to our e-mail. Not applicable Drop-in. The reservation is complete when you have received a booking confirmation sent by us.

booking Request

Use this form to make a booking request. You can also call us on 026-42 11 500.

Minimum number of participants 6 persons

Other wishes, etc.

If you have a booking code, enter it in the box above.

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reservation Policy


Can be done completely by no means late 7 days before booked time. Then you will be charged 50%


The number of booked participants is charged. Change of number of participants can be done at the latest 3 days before booked time.


It is important that you arrive at the time indicated as arrival time in the booking confirmation.

In case of late arrival, your event may be shortened or completely omitted.


All participants must have a good understanding in Swedish or English. This because of security reasons for all participants,

personnel and equipment.

If you do not understand one of the languages, it is your responsibility to arrange an interpreter.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol or drug users may not drive. If we suspect someone is affected then we can reject that person.

It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol to our premises.

Alcohol measurement can be done in the room.


Can be pre-booked with us for both small and large companies by 1 week before your event.

(At least ancestral persons are 6.) Cancellation and change of number are subject to the same rules as above.

It is not ok to consume / bring your own food and drink in our premises.


We accept Cards, Swish or Cash. We only invoice for companies and municipalities following customary checks.

Billing information must be submitted by mail before the day of arrival.

We have 10 day billing and a billing fee on 55: -.