Drop-in & Group Race


Drop-In We receive drop-in visits as time goes by. During the weekends it may be difficult to find a gap in the drop-in time schedule. We recommend calling and checking if there is time to drive during holidays.

Drop-in Member

As a member of us, you always have a lower price of Drop-in and the opportunity to buy our packages. As a member, you can also run our very best offer Cheap Monday (Only applies to Mondays 14-20). As a member, you can also buy the preferred Family Package with the 12 drop-in. (Applies only to family with parent and children between 9-15 years) You can also subscribe and drive as much as you want. Prize for membership is 50 Kr / person and applies to one year. Renewing membership costs 25 Kr.

Prices Drop-in Member

Drop-in 1 * 7min
135 Kr
3-pack 3 * 7 min
375 Kr
10-pack 10 * 7min
1080 Kr

Prices Drop-in Member

Family Pack 12 * 7min
1140 Kr
Cheap Monday 3 * 7 min
275 Kr

Drop-in Not Member

If you are not a member of us, you can not use any of our packages, Cheap Monday or subscription.

Price Not a member

Drop-in 1 * 7 min
150 Kr

group Race

Minimum number of participants to book one of our group race is 6 persons. All events end with a prize ceremony and a medal to the top three.

450 Kr

Participants: 6 people or more


Heat 1: Qualification, 8min

Heat 2: Final, 12 lap

Award ceremony

Time: about 60min

Physics: Means

Grand Prix
550 Kr

Participants: 6 people or more


1: Heating, 7min

2: Qualification, 7min

3: Final, 12 lap

Prisutdel. Time: approx. 80min

Physics: Medium

650 Kr

Participants: 6 persons or more, Briefing

1: Heating, 7 min

2: Qualification 1, 7 min.

3: Qualification 2, 7 min.

4: Final, 12 lap

Prisutd. Time: approximately100min

Physics: Tough

680 Kr

Participants: 6 people or more

Heat 1: Heating, 7min

Heat 2: Qualification, 15min

Heat 3: Final, 15 lap

Time: approx. 90 minutes

Physics: Tough

LeMans 60 Min
1600 Kr

Minimum 6 cars, approx. 18-48 people


Heat 1: Heating, 10min

Heat 2: ENDURANCE 60 min

Time: approx. 90 min

Physics: Tough

Lemans 90 min
2300 Kr

Minimum 6 cars, approx. 18-48 people


Heat 1: Heating, 10min

Heat 2: ENDURANCE 90 min.

Time: approx. 120 min

Physics: Tough

Rules & Flags

You get all a review before you get in the maps about rules and what to consider while driving, here you can train and read before! When you sit in the charts, you can adjust the seat position by moving the lever as you find on the left side of the seat fully backward. Then you unlock the chair and you can easily push forward or back the chair as desired. Feel comfortable so you reach the pedals easily without having to stretch too much on your legs. Then you drive and need to think about flags that may come up during the heat of the heat. Prevention and croaking on purpose is forbidden.

Yellow Flag
Obstacles on the track! Slow down and drive slowly past the obstacle. After the obstacle, the yellow flag automatically expires. Total overriding ban is in yellow flag.
Red Flag
Stay immediately and stay in the map.
Blue Flag
Lay aside and facilitate overrun for backwards faster drivers.
Black Flag
Disqualification! Drive into the depot and there we talk! Most likely you have violated any rule, possibly. yellow flag or you have driven oschysst.
checkered flag
Drive around and into the depot. This lap after the goal flag, there is no timing on, but is for you to let the adrenaline run back! Prevention and croaking on purpose is forbidden.

booking Conditions

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