Maps & Banana


Senior Kart

Caroli Hammerhead

Engine: Honda 270 cc

Power: 9,5 hp

Top speed: 70km / h

Fuel: Alkylate Environmental Fuel

Weight: 130 kg

Age limit 13 year length 135 cm Childbirth is available for those under 15 years.

Junior Kart

Engine: Honda 160 cc

Power: 4,8 hp

Top speed: 35 km / h

Fuel: Alkylate Environmental Fuel

Weight: 120 kg

Age 9 Year (Applies to Year 9)

go-karting track

Baninfo: Sweden's longest indoor track.

The course is very technical and fast.

We have a modern electronic timing system.

The hall has a new fan and ventilation system with sensors so it's always clean air.

Our staff are always on hand if you want tips on driving style and ideal trails.

Length: 430 m Width: 6 m Base: New asphalt Top speed of the long race: Approx. 60 km / h Design: G.Pasero

Helmet & Overall

We have helmets and overalls in different sizes that you can borrow.