Combined Events

Combined Events

We have different packages to choose from, choose the layout that suits your group. You choose the branches you want to be included in your event. We receive all groups, friends, swivels / maids and businesses. Our minimum number of participants to book is 6 persons. A multiplayer takes about 1-2 1 / 2 hours depending on how many you are and which branches you choose.


All events end with a prize ceremony and a medal to the top three.

Of course we have showers and changing rooms, there is also the possibility to rent a towel and a sauna.

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Our branches


Sumo has simple rules here to put the opponent off the carpet or to hit the opponent. You run three rounds and the one who wins the most takes home the most points. This branch is challenged and guarantees a high pulse. Prepare for many laughs! GOOD LUCK!

Rodeo Bull

Our Wild Bull !! Do you dare to take a ride? Challenge your friends / colleagues to who can stand the furthest of the bull. This requires skill, patience and a happy mood. GOOD LUCK!


In this branch, two people compete in parallel or individually trying to place a marker as far as possible. Each participant has 3 trying to collect points. Very quiet branch that requires some strength, fitness and a happy mood! GOOD LUCK!

Zebra Race

Take and challenge friends / colleagues in a race with these wild and bumpy Zebras! Zebraracet assumes that 2-4 people jump with the Zebra banana around. First in goal, score points in the competition. The rules that apply are to sit at Zebran and jump / bounce towards goal. It is not allowed to run with them, then you will be discouraged. The branch requires a little leg strength and fitness, as well as a winegold. GOOD LUCK!


This branch is about breaking down the opponent from the platform. Each participant has 3 trying to earn points. Challenge your friends in balance and strength! In this duel you stand on each platform and will try to beat down your opponent using an inflated bar. The rules are simple, the one standing alone wins! The loser lands softly in the inflatable ring. Here you need balance, fitness and a happy mood! GOOD LUCK!

pistol Shooting

Gun shot, show who's the best in shooting by dotting as close as possible to the middle. Each participant has 6 shots and the 5 best counts together in the competition. This requires skill, patience and of course a good mood! GOOD LUCK!


Bow is a classic branch, each participant has three arrows each. It's about knitting as close to the center as possible to get high points. In this branch requires skill, patience and of course a good mood! GOOD LUCK!


Warmly welcome to us! Bring friends, family or colleagues and challenge them in different branches. We guarantee that you get a nice event with a lot of laughter.