Pitbike Motard & Minimoto

Indoor driving with Pitbike & Minimoto

Now there is the opportunity to come and drive their own pitbike motard or minimoto with us.

They do well to run every day, depending on location, it is possible to call before to check availability.

With us there is also the possibility of storing your motorcycle at a cost of 300 month.

NOTE! We have no rental of these vehicles. We have a Pitbike Motard that you can look at, if you are interested in buying your own.

We cooperate with dreambikes.se, where we also bought our motard.

All driving is at your own risk, in case of careless driving you may be rejected from the course. It is not allowed to drive so that you expose yourself or others to accidents. It is also not allowed to drive so that you break up scars or other material belonging to the go-cart track. It is also not allowed to drive affected.
Petrol & Oil
All vehicles running on the track must have 4-stroke alkylate petrol and two-stroke engines must have smoke-free oil. Gasoline is available for purchase on the track for 25 SEK / liter. Note include your own vessel / canister.
Driving on indoor track Gokart Event Gävle, Paid on site on the course.
1 day / 150 kr
10 days / 1300 kr