Sportlov 2018

Winter Holidays Offer

Applies to school students 9-18 years under v.9 26 / 2-4 / 3


Drop-in go-kart

75 Kr / person

Try to run Gokart during the sports holiday week. Applies to an 7 my drop-in heat, of course you can drive more if you want. Everyone who comes to us receives a thorough review of rules and flags. We lend out helmets and overalls.

Zebra Race

Combined Events

100 Kr / person

Try on three branches in our multi-combat hall under the sports license. The branches you can try are Rodeo, Bungee and Zebrarace. There are coaches that show how the branches work and helps to write down your results.

Drop-in Gokart 75 Kr

Drop-in run 7 min, 75 Kr (word price 150 Kr). Valid only v.9 Monday-Friday 10: 00-18: 00, Saturday 12.00-20: 00 and Sunday 12: 00-18: 00. Drop-in is always a matter of place, please call before special weekends to see if the course is not booked.

Multi-match 100 kr / person

Try on three branches in our multiplayer, price 100 kr / person (word price 240 Kr / person) Valid only v.9 Monday-Thursday between kl 12: 00-14: 00

Find here municipally

From the center of Gävle take 95's bus towards Harkskär.

Get off at Joakimsbacke stop. (stop after willys) Cross the railway bridge towards Lötängsgatan.

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